Electrically Galvanizing Furnace

Electrically Galvanizing Furnace

Electrically Galvanizing Furnace

Technotherma India Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Galvanizing Furnace manufacturer in Pan India & Globally.  We have introduced & designed a new product Electrically Galvanizing Heated Furnace.

The Electric galvanizing furnace is an industrial furnace used in the Ms strip/Coil & hot-dip galvanizing process, which applies a layer of zinc to the surface of the metal for the durability of the material (coil & pipe) plus will protect it from corrosion. The electric galvanizing furnace is designed to heat the metal parts to the required temperature, typically between 450°C to 500°C, for the zinc coating process.

The electric galvanizing furnace uses electric heating elements to heat the furnace chamber to the desired temperature. We (Technotherma India Pvt. Ltd.) design heating elements that are typically made of materials that can withstand the high temperatures required for the galvanizing process. The furnace will also have a temperature control system to ensure that the temperature inside the furnace is maintained at the desired level.

The metal parts to be galvanized are loaded into the electric galvanizing furnace and heated to the required temperature. Once the metal parts have reached the desired temperature, they are passed from the furnace or dipped into a bath of molten zinc. The zinc coating forms on The metal surface as a result of a chemical reaction between the zinc & the iron in the metal.

Electric galvanizing furnaces are designed for high efficiency and reduced energy consumption. This is achieved through the use of advanced insulation materials and other energy-saving features, such as recirculating fans to reduce heat loss.

One of the key advantages of electric galvanizing furnaces is that they can be easily automated and integrated into production lines, allowing for high-volume, efficient production. This makes them a popular choice in a wide range of industries, including automotive, construction, and manufacturing.

n addition to their high efficiency and reliability, electric galvanizing furnaces are also designed for safety. They typically have multiple safety features, such as over-temperature protection and automatic shut-off systems, to ensure the safety of operators and the equipment.

Overall, electric galvanizing furnaces are a critical component in the hot-dip galvanizing process, providing a reliable and efficient method for applying zinc coatings to metal parts. With their high efficiency, safety features, and ease of automation, electric galvanizing furnaces is a popular choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

We have installed it mainly for Roofing & Tube Manufactures.

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